Coffins and Caskets

Bespoke Coffins And Caskets

Honour your loved one with a specially made coffin or casket. Get in touch with the specialists at S. Carter & Son in Wickford, Essex, for a wide range of caskets and coffins for a funeral.

Quality made coffins and caskets

At S. Carter & Son we have a great selection of beautifully designed and handcrafted coffins and caskets for you to choose from. From traditionally styled oak coffins to more modern designs we have something for all preferences.  

Take a look at a selection of coffins we have available below. For more information, contact us today.

Traditional coffins and caskets

At S. Carter and Son we offer a great selection of oak coffins and caskets suitable for both burials and cremations.
  • The York Oak Veneered
  • The Haddon Oak Veneered
  • The Ashbourne Oak Veneered
  • Ashbourne Oak Veneered Casket
  • Chesterfield Solid Oak
  • Derby Solid Oak
If you are planning on having a cremation for your loved one, we also offer a range of urns to store the ashes.
Image of a coffin
Coffin decorated with orange flowers

Alternative coffin designs

  • Seagrass curved end coffin
  • Cane coffin
  • Cocostick traditional coffin
  • Loom curved end coffin
  • Banana leaf curved end coffin
  • Willow curved end coffin
  • Colourful coffins field of daffodils
  • Colourful coffins summerdays
  • Colourful coffins starry night
  • Beach huts
  • Colourful coffins emmerdale
  • Colourful coffins golf bag
  • Promethean
  • Athena
Simple wooden coffin
Wooden coffin with self-cut borders
Brown wooden coffin
Rectangle shape coffin
Customised coffin
White coffin with a flower bouquet
Painted coffin
Funeral flowers decorated on a coffin
Flower icon
If you require bespoke coffins and caskets in Wickford, Essex, call us on
01268 733 108

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